At Sheela Foam we are committed to embedding sustainability throughout our corporate framework encompassing policy, work culture and operations. Our Vision and our Core values of Humility, Accountability, Innovation, Integrity and Customer orientation are well aligned with this strategic approach. Our sustainability initiatives are focused on generating value for the environment, the community and the Company.
From our leaders

Tushaar Gautam

Managing Director

“At Sheela Foam Limited, we view our ESG obligations not merely as a compliance imperative but more so, as a moral responsibility. The company is committed to nurturing new green ideas, fostering a happier and healthier workplace, empowering weaker sections of the society and continually strive to reduce its carbon footprints in line with the national and global climate preservation targets.
As a market leader in the foam and foam products business in India, the company is acutely conscious of its added responsibility of pioneering innovations that help to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle, and to spearhead the industry’s R&D efforts to tackle greening challenges.”

Nilesh Mazumdar

CEO, India - Sheela Foam Ltd

“ The respect for environment, people and responsible governance are embedded in the Vision and the Core Values of Sheela Foam Limited.
In keeping with the times, the company has adopted greener and cleaner technologies like Variable Pressure Foaming that eliminates use of potentially hazardous chemicals and using of recyclable Polyethylene packaging in place of the non recyclable PVC. Over the past few years, we have optimised raw material usage and increased use of green energy. We have received recognition as the “Best Place to Work“ continuously for many years. We have constantly met the quality and environmental standards demanded by our clients across the globe including US and Europe amongst others.
We are focused on finding new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and join the global efforts to combat climate change. The technology and the processes adopted by the company remain tuned to meet the ESG performance challenges while creating value for the company and its stakeholders.”
Impact areas
Environment Pillar
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Product Stewardship
  • Water Management
  • Waste Management
Social Pillar
  • Product Quality & Safety
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Human Rights
  • Consumer Relationship
  • Social Responsibility
  • Human Capital
  • Diversity & Inclusive Environment
Governance Pillar
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Innovation and R&D
  • Transparency & Reporting
  • Responsible supply chain management
Sheela Foam Limited is actively working to preserve and restore the Environment through optimising energy, water usage, and waste management. We are committed to making a positive contribution in combating climate change by reducing our carbon footprint across our value chain, from sourcing to transportation. We adopt, develop and innovate new technologies, processes and products to pave the way for a sustainable future.
Image gallery - our sustainability initiatives
Renewable Energy
  • 12% of electricity sourced from renewable sources across the plants.
Eco-friendly Technology
  • Use of eco-friendly and chemical efficient VPF Technology in production of foam
Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Compressed foam packaging method for reduced carbon emission through goods transport
Water Management
  • Recycling of treated water from STP for Gardening and toilet flushing.
Green Buildings
  • LEED certified buildings for Sheela Foam Corporate premises
Waste Management
  • Repurposing of factory scrap into Rebonded foam.
Caring for people
and community
Our employees are our most valuable asset. We foster a work culture, amongst our diverse workforce spread across three geographies, that promotes their well being, respects human dignity and rights, and supports collective development, empowering them for innovation and growth. While care for the people is inherent in our product line that promotes safety, comfort and good health, we fulfil our social responsibility by sustained efforts that focus on uplifting disadvantaged sections of the society by empowering them with vocational skills and employment training.
Image gallery - Caring for people and community initiatives
CSR Activities
  • Bringing Qualitative Change in Lives of Underprivileged Segments, especially Women and Youth through initiatives like Skill development, emotional wellness etc. Know More.
Safety First
  • Safe working environment for all employees and sustained ZERO Fatality.
Learning & Development
  • Regular awareness programs and skill development training like POSH, Employee health and safety, cyber security etc.
We will continue to be recognized
As an honest organization Awakening, Empowering and Inspiring the Youth of India With our Initiatives of Awareness, Action and Advocacy For Qualitative Change in their lives And Proactive Emotional Wellness of Society
ESG Governance
Sheela Foam prioritizes responsible operations and sustainable practices for efficient services to customers, investors, and stakeholders. Our work culture centers on integrity, reliability, proactivity, and transparency. With a focus on robust controls and uncompromised governance, we manage supply chain, sales, and financial data. At the corporate level, a committee oversees and ensures compliance with national and international laws, aligning processes with contractual obligations for business success.
Information Security
  • Centralized robust mechanism for preventing data breaches. Certified by ISO27001 which ensures Information Security for business success.
Strong Governance Policies
  • Sheela Foams has strong governance policies which have been implemented at offices and manufacturing plants. Know More
ESG committee

Mr. Vijay Kumar Ahluwalia


Mr. Som Mittal


Mr. Rakesh Chahar


Tushaar Gautam


Awards & Certifications

ISO 9001: 2015

At Sheela Foam We keep Quality as the topmost priority.

Great Place to Work: 2022-23

Awarded by the global authority on workplace culture, employee experience and leadership behaviors.


Compliance with European Union's REACH regulations.

CertiPUR Certified

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