Technical Products

Our polyether grade lamination foam is structurally tuned in such a way that the thickness loss after flame lamination is minimum and the composite will have maximum bonding strength. In order to do so, the cell structure, cell size distribution, cell orientation and the porosity of the foams is tuned properly. Also, our compressed roll is having minimum thickness loss during transportation. Our FMVSS 302 grade polyester PU Foam has a regular and fine cell structure. It has higher mechanical strength and is not effected by organic solvents and petroleum products. This Foam is a perfect medium for flame and adhesive laminations with various technical textile or leather. The Foam is easily printable – Spray, Flexo and Screen, which makes it suitable for decoration, gift wrapping/packing and display.

major application
  • Seat Covers
  • Sound and Vibration Absorption wall
  • Sports wear, jackets, helmet, gloves, bags
  • Padding such as cricket pad
  • Ortho-Care Products
  • Thermal insulation and packaging
  • Automotive seating, Door Panel and Headliner
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