Technical Foam

Lamiflex foam from Sheela Group is available in standard Ether and Ester grade. These foams are thermoformable for flame lamination. Flame lamination is used to produce laminates by bonding foam with fabric while passing the foam over an open flame. Exposure to the flame creates a thin layer of molten polymer on the foam surface, which is then brought into contact with the fabric layer under pressure to develop a bond at the fabric-foam interface. Composite material created through flame lamination have different applications such as automotive headliner, seating, and door panel applications, orthopaedic braces, sound attenuation materials, footwear components etc.

Our ether grade Lamiflex foam have special additive to reduce the thickness loss after flame lamination. A different additive is also used to increase the bonding strength between the fabric and the foam. Some of our ether grade Lamiflex foam are treated with Health-Fresh™ antimicrobial technology for the application in jackets, helmet, gloves, cricket pad, seat covers, laptop bag etc.

Ether grade Lamiflex foam is also used in sound proofing upholstered wall track systems.

A flame retardant is added to the polyester grade Lamiflex so that the foam passes FMVSS-302 test. The major application of polyester grade Lamiflex is in the automotive sector.

  • Normal Ether grade
  • FMVSS-302 Ether grade
  • UV Stabilized ether grade
  • Ether Grade (with extra hardness)
  • Ester Grade
  • High resilience and slow recovery foam
  • Extra hard foam for footwear

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